Water Softener California

Water Softener California

Water softener California

Home water softener solutions remove metal ions such as calcium, magnesium, and iron from hard water and render it more suitable for bathing, washing, cleaning, and other domestic applications. They have become hugely popular over the years because of the increased awareness about their numerous benefits. If you live in California, you probably already know that most parts of the state have a hard water problem. Our water softener in California is an effective and efficient option for correcting water hardness and its nuisance.

Are water softeners banned in California?

For a long time, California homeowners have relied on salt-based water. Unfortunately, salt-based systems are a threat to water conservation efforts, and they produce salty wastewater that’s potentially harmful to the environment. Thus, the state empowered local councils and cities to place a ban on salt-based water softeners in their municipalities. Currently, more than 25 cities have banned water softeners and many more are looking to follow suit.

Why are salt-based softeners harmful?

By design, salt-based water softeners remove the metal ions causing water hardness and replace them with sodium. When you buy a salt-based water softener in California, your system produces a lot of salty water that must be discharged down the drain. The inefficiency in this process leads to enormous water waste, and for a state that’s particularly sensitive to drought, California residents cannot afford to waste so much water.

To make matters more complicated, refining the salt-brine discharge is expensive. The only way to purify the salty water is through reverse osmosis, and this would involve building expensive water treatment plans. Consequently, the only viable option is to reduce the salt-brine discharge by banning salt-based water softeners in California.

Aside from the enormous amount of wastewater produced, salt-based softeners have the extra disadvantage of not being environmentally friendly. Chloride is one of the biggest contaminate of water supplies all over the world. Water samples contaminated with chloride are expensive to treat and unsuitable for industrial or farming applications. They could also pose a threat to aquatic life if discharged into freshwater.

What type of water softener can I buy?

With the availability of many advanced and environmentally friendly water softening options, purchasing a salt-based water softener in California has become unnecessary. Even if these systems were not banned, you would get more from buying a superior alternative, such as Eco Water’s home water softening solution. The system is certified efficient and removes water hardness without using salt or generating enormous wastewater. Eco Water’s system does not use electricity, and it saves your money in the long run because you will not have to purchase salt replacement packets.

Contact Eco Water for your water softener in California

Have you been searching for the best water softener in California? You need not look beyond Eco Water’s advanced range of water softener and home water purification solutions. Our systems are designed with the utmost attention to the safety of the users as well as the environment. Contact Ecowater Systems at 800 585 5501 to discuss our home and commercial water solutions and receive a free consultation.

Water Softener California
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